Tuesday, December 27, 2016


For the fourth time in my blogging history, I've decided to wipe the slate clean.  To take a step back, reevaluate.  Recalibrate.  And drive forward.  Life often changes us, and I think it's healthy for the vehicle you use to communicate who and how you are, to reflect those changes.  I've gone long, long periods without so much as signing in, and yet this blog - this magical piece of cyber respite - keeps coming back to me.   And so I'll continue.  Watch out world - blog 4.0 is out and live!

I want to use Making Space to be raw.  I don't love sharing for the sake of sharing, in fact many times throughout the day I look at social media and ponder why someone would decide to share what they ate for lunch or how they feel about the rain.  But we lack honesty these days.  Where initially there was only victorian silence, now there is faked perfection.  My home is not Pinterest worthy - I don't even cook.  I still don't get how people photoshop pictures for Instagram.  And I think Snapchat is a waste of time (why would you take a picture that ERASES itself in 10 seconds or less...? No - seriously...tell me.).  

"It's ok to love yourself, to invest in yourself, and to know, with a full heart, that you are enough just as you are."

I have always felt refreshed by other's honesty about the challenges and ugliness of life.  Of arguments with a spouse.  Family deaths.  Annoying (and precious angel) children.  From these honest kindred spirits, I've learned that I'm not crazy for wanting to run away from it all sometimes.  Or a terrible person for not being a good SAHM.  Or an unloving wife for wanting to be independent.  In fact, these pieces of me not only make me normal, but also interesting, unique, and human.

I think it's important for more voices like mine to remind others and self that it's okay to be ugly, and tired, and sweaty from the grind.  It's equally ok for us to slay, and love others wholly, and to give so much it hurts. It's ok to love yourself, to invest in yourself, and to know, with a full heart, that you are enough just as you are.  It's ok to hit the pillow at the end of the day, feeling full of failure, and waking again to try again, one more time.

So, as we sit on the door step of a new year, I am excited to share all the incredible pieces of my journey through marriage, motherhood, graduate school, career, friendships, blogging, and ______ - and all the various methods and trials I use to make space for happiness, wholeness, and service to others.  I pray you, my dear reader, find encouragement, a few laughs, and mostly something that can resonate with another weary soul looking for validation and rest.